The Journey


Our journey to create something new started in July 2016. After shopping around New York, we noticed that most of the accessories we saw were either too boring or had an inherent lack of quality. We wanted to create something that fixed both of these issues. We set out to find a manufacturer in our home of NYC that would help create the vision we had. Plenty of craftsmen we talked with had impressive workshops that produced great pieces for numerous brands, but we still felt that there would be something missing in terms of production. We had been inspired by the use of exotic skins in a variety of products, but had been disappointed in the way it was utilized. We wanted something that truly stood out. We moved on to looking for the right skins to have our products made, but after searching through distributors and tanneries in the United States, all we came across were the same designs and generic colors. Frustrated at being unable to find the right manufacturing or skins, we thought of ways to solve our issue. Only one answer kept coming to the forefront: Italy.

In September, we embarked on a journey to Italy, the hub of all things leather to try to find the solution. After meeting with numerous tanneries from across Europe at trade shows, we had finally found what we were looking for. Plenty of tanneries create seasonal designs that are unlike anything we have seen in the United States. As it turns out, many brands shy away from using these, most like concerned by the lack of “mass market appeal.” However, we saw the skins as impressive and noticed this as our opportunity to bring exclusive and rare materials to the United States for the first time. We ended up choosing a tannery out of Spain that specialized in glamorously hand painting the finest exotic skins. With our aim set at targeting a younger demographic, we focused our initial efforts on two types of items: phone cases and wallets. In multiple visits last year, we were able to cultivate a number of relationships with factories in order to bring you the high quality products that we believe you deserve.

Since then, we’ve been working hard with our factories and tanneries to ensure you receive a product that is unlike any other you have seen before. We’ve gone on multiple trips overseas to ensure that products are coming out as expected, the python skins have great coloration and that you have an unboxing experience you won’t forget. These few steps are just the beginning of the journey at Nuovo New York, and we hope you’ll join us for the rest.


Thank You,