Do you ship internationally?

Due to US Fish and Wildlife regulations, we are not able to ship python products outside of the United States. We are currently working on foreign distribution in order to make our products accessible in international markets without going through the complicated process of exporting exotic items. 

Is this genuine python skin?

Yes all of the exotic skins we use are 100% genuine and have been carefully hand picked by our team to ensure only the best quality.  

Is wear common on python skin?

Wear on all natural leathers is common, more-so on exotic skins such as python. Due to the style of painting which is used to create the unique colors you see the case will patina over time creating a piece more unique to each user and further emphasize the beauty of the natural characteristics of the skin.

How do I care for python leather?

There are a few steps you can take to maintain the condition of your python items

    • Avoid bringing your product in contact with liquids, oils, humid/damp areas and abrasive materials to maintain the longevity of the product.
    • Carefully wipe with a soft cotton cloth following the direction of the scale to clean off any liquids or dirt that may be on the outer layer.
    • Avoid using python and other leather cleaning solutions, as the metallic hand painted skin is much more delicate than typical coatings and is prone to come off with rough cleaning. 
    • If you need further help with treatment for the skins please contact your local leather specialist or email us at info@nuovonewyork.com

Why is shipping of python products to California not allowed?

California state law restricts the commercial import or sale of python goods in the state, therefore we cannot ship any goods with python leather to the state. 

Do you have a retail location to see products in person?

Currently, we do not have a retail location for customers to see products . We hope to be in a number of retail locations within the next few months to give our customers the ability to examine the products in person before making a purchase if they choose.